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Expecting Twins: Why Having Two of Everything for Twins ISN’T Necessary

The cat’s out of the bag mama; you’re having two babies….AT THE SAME TIME, but the good news is you don’t need to buy TWO OF EVERYTHING FOR TWINS!!!

Yes, you’re going to have an extra large, probably very itchy belly.

Yes, you will have your hands full. But you know what? Your heart will be even fuller.

And yes, you will receive all sorts of unsolicited advice from literally everyone.

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So while you sit over there and flip your lid about what’s about to happen to your life, we’re about to give you more advice (hopefully solicited) that will allow you to feel a little less like a crazed and hormonal hot air balloon as you prepare to welcome your TWO bundles of joy!

There is no doubt that preparing for twins is a monumental task, but the good news is, you DON’T NEED to have two of everything for twins.  Just focus on your calorie intake…hello pickles and ice cream!

Obviously, there are certain things that you must have two of.  With two babies joining your family you will need two car seats, cribs, and mattresses, swings or rockers, bassinets or Dock a Tots. Think of it this way, if they can’t share it because of safety reasons, you need two!

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It doesn’t take much for your perfectly decorated house to look like Babies ‘R Us violently vomited all over your living room when you have a baby…so imagine how quickly the baby gear can take over when you’re expecting two!

That is precisely why we are here to tell you about the tried and true items that you really DON’T need TWO of.  Don’t be fooled into believing anything different.

expecting twins having two of everything isn't necessary

Why Having Two Of Everything for Twins Isn’t Necessary:


These contraptions are amazing, however, there is an awesome pillow just for twin parents called the Twin Z Pillow.  It is the BEST option for mamas who are expecting two!

Imagine some genius, overtired, twin mama sewing two boppies together.  There you have it folks, the Twin Z Pillow came alive, saving the sanity of millions of twin moms everywhere.

This sucker allows you to breastfeed or bottle feed your babes AT THE SAME TIME.  If you are gifted a few boppies as hand-me-downs, that’s freaking great.  You can let other people feed your kiddos with those, but believe us, you don’t need 2. Maybe pass them along to help out your friends who are expecting singletons.

Keep the clutter to a minimum, mama!

Mamaroos, Swings and other weird (space sucking) baby contraptions….

Just as easily as these wonderful contraptions put your kiddos to sleep, do backflips and magically make your coffee…they also add up in cost and take up mega amounts of space.

Let this be a warning to you now, although you are having twins, each baby will be VERY different, having their own preferences when it comes ALMOST EVERYTHING!

Instead of opening a baby CrossFit gym in your living room, buy these baby gadgets sparingly.  Rather than having two of everything in this department, have 2 or 3 different contraptions (maybe a swing, a Mamaroo and play mat) Set up a center style rotation and move your babies around as they lose interest.  


There are millions of pictures littering the internet of the most adorable twins dressed in perfectly matched outfits.  This may seem like a great way to have an award-winning Instagram feed, but the truth is you are literally changing babies ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY.  

Oh yea, and they grow like weeds, rendering yesterday’s cute outfit useless by tomorrow.

So unless you are Beyoncé with 28 extra pairs of hands to wash, fold and put away all of these cute coordinating outfits, go easy on the clothes and just buy the basics.  You and your pocketbook will thank us!  


Again, like the swings, toys are money and space sucking inventions!

One benefit of your circumstance here is that sharing becomes a skill that twins have no choice but to learn from conception.  By the time they make their grand entrance on Earth they’ve already shared a uterus AND a birthday.

Young babies aren’t interested in toys for quite some time.  Thrift stores and hand-me-downs are great options when it comes to baby toys.

Besides, your wee ones will love playing with paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes no matter how many cool new gadgets you buy for them.

Baby Tubs

When babies are little, you will be most likely be bathing them in the sink or tub, one-by-one.  You don’t need 2 small tubs, only one.  Enough said!


Two babies settled in their beds is any mama’s dream come true, which always has us wondering why in the world we can’t turn away from the baby monitor to maybe drink just one cup of HOT coffee.  

Being able to see your precious babes at all times while they sleep is reassuring. Nowadays, there are a million fancy baby monitor options on the market.  With so many options available, one would think you could find a monitor that would get up with your baby at 3 a.m.!  

Sorry to disappoint you, but we haven’t yet found that magical little device, but we did find a pretty great, yet simple option with a split screen so you can obsessively watch both babies sleeping simultaneously. You will have two cameras that come with the monitor and can be mounted on your wall and ONE monitor to view you’re both of your kiddos.  

We loved this simple set up because we could mount the cameras to the wall with the cords secured along a window frame and only had to tote around one monitor, leaving at least ONE hand free….#twinmomgoals!

Diaper Bag

This one is a no brainer!  Who in the world is going to lug around 2 bags and 2 babies?  Our only advice here is to get a larger backpack or crossbody bag because you are going to be carrying twice as much stuff (hello, you have two babies…remember?) around with you.

Let us warn you now that you have to begin to learn to let go of the items that you think you MIGHT need. We know….gasp…it is hard to do, especially when you are a nesting, big-bellied, super hormonal mama-to-be.  But you are about to inherently have twice as many things to worry about.  You simply don’t need the extra headache of worrying about the “just in case”.  Just know that you will thank us AND yourself later!

We know all too well how overwhelming TWINS and all that come with them can be.  The truth is, although you have overachieving reproductivity, you quickly learn that less is more when it comes to just about EVERYTHING!  So mama, do yourself a favor and PIN this post….because you will need a refresher when your hormone crazed shopping spree gets out of control and you’ve added two of everything for twins to your cart!